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Getting an MBA in Business Administration

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Business administration is a popular choice for many students looking to further their education. This is because business administration encompasses a wide variety of disciplines that are extremely useful in today’s business world. With a bachelor’s degree in business administration, students can expect to learn all the fundamentals of business administration to effectively work entry level managerial positions. They will learn how to plan, organize, manage, analyze, and control the business process including budgets, sales, marketing, and business planning. A master’s degree will give students the ability to expand their knowledge to other facets of business administration and help them find career opportunities in finance, accounting, and human resources.

While these degrees do cover a wide variety of topics, the three most important topics to include in a curriculum are: business planning, managerial decision making, and financial management. These are the basic areas that all business administrators must know well in order to effectively pursue a career path in business administration. However, with a business administration degree, students can also learn about other important topics such as marketing, international business, and strategic management. A business administrator also has many options in terms of a career path within business administration. This includes areas such as: accountant, business manager, business consultant, and business owner.

A typical program for a business administration degree will provide students with all the necessary coursework to get them started on their chosen career path. Students will typically start out with a bachelor’s degree that focuses on the basic business administration topics and then they will expand from there. A typical course schedule for a business administration degree program will include: business planning, managerial decision making, finance, accounting, marketing, and international business.

Students can complete their business administration degree online and this is an option that many students look at when they are interested in getting into business administration as a way to further their education while they continue to work full-time jobs and family life. There are many online business degree programs available and students will find that all the traditional college classes will still be included in these programs. Online business administration degrees allow students to get the same quality education they would get in a classroom with the added benefit of being able to study and take classes around their schedule.

An associate’s degree program is usually completed after a year of full-time study at an institution of higher learning. Students will have to work a year to two years in an associate’s degree program before they can graduate and take their qualifying exams to be eligible for the business administration degree program. The topics that will be covered in an associates degree program include: business law, public finance, management theory and practice, the global business and economics, business mathematics and accounting, entrepreneurship and small business administration.

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is another choice for people who would like to get into business administration. A full time MBA can take a year or more to complete depending on the individual student’s program. The core courses required for an MBA are the same as those taken for an associate’s degree program. However, the number of core courses needed to be completed is usually two to four more than the number of credits required for an associate’s degree program. Courses that are part of an overall MBA will include: human resources, organizational behavior, strategic management, finance, marketing, information systems, and strategic leadership.

If you plan on getting your MBA by attending a business school rather than completing an MBA, then you must take the GMAT. This is a standardized test that is given to everyone who is applying to a business school for admission. If your scores are below the minimum requirements, then you will likely have to go back to your undergraduate program to take a second, more comprehensive GMAT. After you’ve gotten your first MBA, you may also want to consider taking an advanced GMAT. Some people believe taking an advanced GMAT is a requirement for getting into a business school, but it is not.

Many students who have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master’s degree in the same field are able to find work in almost any field. These include telecommunications, banking, IT services, and education. But these positions usually pay more, typically starting at around forty thousand dollars a year. Jobs in government, the military, and private industry are also available. If you have good communication skills and experience working with upper-level executives, you may find a position in government will suit you best.

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