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Finding Freelance Writing Gigs

by gbaf mag
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If you enjoy online freelance writing, you have likely seen people selling gigs on the Internet, sometimes even at a low price. While gig work has existed for many years, it is only in recent years that it has grown in popularity. Many people think of the gig work as just a way to make extra money or even get free advertising, but some find it to be the most fulfilling way to earn an income.

Gigs come in all kinds of formats. The basic definition of a gig is any job an individual performs outside of a long term, conventional, employer/ employee relationship. The word “gig” originally came from music artists. Their practice of performing multiple short gigs for varying pay for a profit has become the huge gig economy we see today, where many people work odd jobs for various employers for a profit or as a side hustle to their other work. The Internet has helped to fuel the huge gig industry as many online employers have begun offering gigs on freelance sites or through email lists.

While many gig jobs can be done part-time or even part-yearly, others require an ongoing commitment that may require years of full time work. If you’re considering a gig-based job, here are some things to look out for:

o When looking for gig work, find jobs that require the same skills as your field. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, writing content for blogs and websites may not be your best gig. You may be interested in a website writing gig, or even a site design gig. Instead of looking for writing gigs, consider instead web development and web designing gigs. If you’re good at both of these types of writing jobs, you’ll probably find more writing gigs available.

o Pay is a major consideration when you’re looking for gig work. You should do your homework and read reviews to learn what freelance jobs are paying the best. Be wary of gig listings that claim to pay “top dollar”, because they’re most likely scams. A simple search through popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo! will turn up many gig posting websites offering low pay and high demand.

o Find out how much is needed to get started with the gig. Most companies expect writers to produce articles and other writing work for no charge, but many require payment before the job begins. To be eligible for the job, you must be able to produce at least a few articles per week. It is possible to find many writing jobs that pay only by the post.

o Do some research to find out the average pay of other writers in your area or that similar jobs are paying. If a gig posting is promising “exposure” on a big project, be wary. Some jobs may offer exposure for only one week and not another week or month, which will only end up costing you more time and money. You may also want to investigate whether the company pays by the page.

o Read about the company before you sign any gig work. Find out how long the gig company has been in operation and what kind of experience and reputation the business has. You don’t want to sign a contract with a company you don’t like just because they’re cheap. or because you thought they were looking for your business. Make sure the company is ethical and reliable and that you can work with them easily.

o Find out what types of materials you will need to start writing for a new writer. It is often necessary to buy writing products in order to get your work started on an article submission website.

o Always negotiate for a bigger pay for your gig. This will keep you motivated and your ego in check when you meet the deadlines you’ve set for yourself. You will also feel better when you know you’re making more money than you’re putting in to get started. By negotiating for a higher pay, you will be able to get more work and enjoy the flexibility it provides.

The bottom line is that it’s easy to find a gig work that suits your skills and personality, even if you’re just starting out. Good luck with your gig writing job search!

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