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Do You Have a Positive Attitude? Is There Anything You Can Do to Stay Positive?

by gbaf mag
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When we talk about how to stay positive during a flu season, we are talking about the power of being able to believe in ourselves. Yes, we do need to take this Coronavirus seriously, but it doesn’t mean we have to allow it to break us down. Yes, it’s affecting the whole country and causing sickness everywhere. And, yes, read, hear and see about all these topics just about all day long.

But, one question keeps popping into our heads: How to stay positive during a flu season? Our brains, unfortunately, aren’t what they used to be. It used to be that when something bad happened, we turned to someone else, someone who had the answers we needed. That’s not the case anymore – at least not in this country.

The power of a positive mindset is no longer an American invention – it has been found and applied thousands of years ago by our ancestors. They knew how to stay positive and focus on the positive things about life. Today, we are lucky to live in a time when it is possible to find all these ancient secrets and put them to good use.

One thing you can do, though, that will help you avoid the pitfalls many people fall into when they are dealing with negative emotions is to use “thoughts and feelings”. It may seem weird or even silly at first, but these little experiments have been done and they prove it works. In one study, participants were told a story about a boy who didn’t get his wish for a birthday present on his birthday. After telling the story, the participants were asked if they felt sad or happy.

Those who said they felt happy were found to be more positive than those who said they felt sad. This was surprising to the researchers – it was done using a very simple method. Another study showed that people who keep their emotions in control are more likely to stay positive and less prone to bouts of negativity. This makes sense – if a person can convince himself that he will have a great day, he is much more likely to keep going. That is one thing that seems to be easier said than done.

You can also try doing something that is out of the ordinary for you. These can be anything – writing a letter of complaint or asking another person to do something unpleasant for you. The results for these types of “irresistible” items are usually the same – people are more likely to stay positive and happier. If someone has a strong enough belief that he will be unhappy if he doesn’t accomplish his goal, there will be a strong internal drive to overcome the obstacle and to stay positive.

People who are able to maintain a positive attitude every day seem to live longer and suffer from fewer health problems. This may sound like an easy fix but it isn’t. The reason they have fewer problems is because they have a strong belief that staying positive is the right thing to do. This works the same for people with poor self-esteem – they are more apt to see the glass half full rather than seeing it half empty.

There is some controversy about the power of mindfulness. Some think that it has no effect on health. Others feel that it can improve health. It may seem like these two groups are arguing about something that does have real power. Regardless, the bottom line is that you can maintain a positive attitude and a healthy outlook if you learn how to do it consistently and deliberately.

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