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Different Ways to Enjoy Entertainment From Your Home Theater System

by gbaf mag

Definitive Technology (also known as Def Tech) is a private American privately held company, based in Vista, California. It designs, develops and markets home-theater sound systems, speakers and headphones. They are a part of the Sound United group of electronics business DEI Holdings. DEI holdings also happens to be one of the largest manufacturers of computer chips.

One of their latest products is their new line of tower speakers and subwoofers called the Define Series. These speaker lines offer a full range of speaker models in both center channel and floor standing speaker configurations. You can find floor standing speaker models in walnut, mahogany, or cherry.

The best way to describe Define Series speakers is to say that they take digital music and reproduce it using computer numerically controlled (CNC) technology. They offer precision imaging at a very affordable price. The best part about these speakers is that they not only offer accurate imaging but are also priced low enough to be affordable even for a beginner.

The speakers in the Define Series include such high-end offerings as the tower speakers featuring Dynamic drive tweeters and 3-way crossover networks with manual adjustment of lows, highs, and midrange. You will also find technologies like true wave alignment which corrects phase distortion at the source. The speakers are also equipped with phase correction that offers precise imaging regardless of the source.

Another offering in the Define Series is the eXocass Pro surround sound technology speakers which use revolutionary technology to reproduce surround sound. The technology used by the company is designed to improve on the flat response of flat speakers by improving the tonal balance and bass response of the speaker system. This translates to better quality sound reproduction for your listening enjoyment.

If you are looking for bookshelf speakers, then the Define Series from Precision Sound is worth looking at. The bookshelf speakers in this lineup all employ wave alignment and phase correction to offer the best sound quality for your listening enjoyment. You can get bookshelf speaker systems that include tower speakers and even subwoofers if you would like. It is important to note, however, that the bookshelf speakers are usually more expensive than mid-range and bookshelf speaker systems.

If you are looking for in-wall technologies, then the Precision Sound brand is the best-selling brand in the industry. They offer precision technology speakers that include true wave alignment and phase correction so you receive the best sound for your listening pleasure. They also offer a full range of products including powered subwoofers, floor speakers, bookshelf speakers, and even surround sound systems. What’s great about Precision Sound products is that they are available in many different sizes and price ranges.

Last but certainly not least, in terms of choosing your new home entertainment system, the Define Series by Precision Sound is probably the best-selling brand for in-wall speakers. These speakers utilize phase-corrected woofer cones for optimized sound reproduction for your personal enjoyment. You can choose from five different sizes and there are five different price ranges to select from. For a home entertainment system that offers top-notch sound quality and a large selection of products to choose from, you definitely need to check out the Define Series by Precision Sound.

When it comes to in-ceiling speakers, the Denon line of products is probably the most popular. Their newest line of speakers, the Predator series, is also the best-selling brand in home theater today. The Predator series includes many innovative features, such as a surround sound technology with five-way speaker swivel options, textured woofer cones, and a spider-webbed woofer basket.

In addition to choosing an in-wall speakers system, you can also consider adding other speakers to compliment your surround sound system. There are many new speaker manufacturers who are offering high-quality sound systems with great styles and designs. Speakers such as the Logitech ENS amplifier can be used with your existing speakers or you can build an all-in-one media center with speakers from the same manufacturer. Speakers from Marimba, Altec Lansing, KW Clubs, and more are just some of the speakers available for your in-wall speakers.

The technologies that are being used in a typical home theater are steadily improving. With this many options available in speakers and technology, there is sure to be something that will work for your needs. With the help of the internet, you can do a little research and find the speakers that will best suit your needs and your budget. It is easy to enjoy your home theater system with superior sound quality with the best speakers and technology, and most of them are affordable.

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