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Different Types of Management Jobs

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There are management jobs in nearly every industry and profession, from small and large businesses, to nonprofits and for-profit businesses. An individual must be in control and give direction and oversight to staff, regardless of the size of their company. For the most part, there is a defined set of responsibilities that go along with management roles. These generally include the following:

Production Manager The production manager is primarily responsible for the flow of raw materials and goods from beginning to end. Along with overseeing production, this individual oversees the flow of resources and keeps an eye on costs at all stages of the process. Production managers have to have excellent interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and analytical skills. Those seeking management jobs should have an ability to lead and delegate effectively. As long as production is meeting planned levels, production manager positions are stable and lucrative.

Marketing Manager A marketing manager works in close collaboration with other department heads to boost company sales. Managers often lead teams that specialize in different marketing functions, such as design, development, advertising, public relations, or packaging and shipping. Marketing manager positions require individuals who are able to think creatively and strategically. Many marketing manager positions require the completion of a four-year degree. This position is competitive, which means those seeking a management job should have a solid skill set and be able to work well independently.

Finance Manager Money management is the process of managing money within a business. Those wishing to find management jobs should have strong mathematical skills, business management experience, and understanding of financial accounting principles. Those seeking a management position should also have knowledge of budgeting and financial statistics. If necessary, finance graduates can participate in an internship with a private or government agency to gain further experience. Some positions require passing an exam, and others require specific finance training.

Human Resources Manager Those seeking management jobs can pursue employment in human resources departments, which manages the personnel in all areas of the business. Human resources managers often communicate with potential employees, interview candidates, hire and keep workers, and manage payrolls. Human resources managers are typically involved in all of the day-to-day operations of employee compensation and benefits, but can also have administrative duties as needed.

Retail Management The largest area of human resources management is retail management, which deals with running a store or shopping center. Retail manager jobs are usually located in department stores, warehouses, or mall locations. This position requires experience working with customers and being able to motivate them. Those seeking this management job may have to deal with difficult customers, as well as supervising employees. Retail management jobs are competitive, which means that those seeking a management job need to be able to think on their feet and plan strategies for the business. High self-esteem is recommended for those who seek this management position.

Financial Planning is the branch of management that deals with budgeting for the organization. All business owners must create an effective budget that covers all costs for products and services that the company offers. Many financial management jobs require a bachelor’s degree, although some positions do not require a bachelor’s degree. An MBA can help one obtain entry-level management positions. Those wishing to pursue management jobs in financial planning should be aware that financial planners must work with a great deal of discretion and personal discretion, as they are often dealing with customer finances.

Technology Management The field of technology management deals with the use of computers, technology, and other computer related materials for business operations. Those wishing to work in this field must be educated about current technologies and how to properly use them. They must be very organized and detail oriented, as they will be the ones updating and maintaining the systems used by the organization. Those seeking management jobs with information technology experience may begin their careers as computer technicians. The positions available in this field vary greatly, so it is recommended that those interested to apply for many different management positions.

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