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Creative Writing: How To Avoid Common Mistakes in First Person

by gbaf mag

Creative writing is an art form that can be intimidating to the new writer. Whether creative writing falls within your comfort zone, or perhaps you’re just working through some writer’s block, there are lots of things you could do to improve your writing skills. Begin by taking a writing intensive class. You’ll gain insight and support for your work. This can help you come up with a plan for your writing career. There are also many classes at your local community college, or online.

When writing, you use three basic styles: the first person, third person, and narration. In creative writing, first person describes the narrator’s point of view. Narrative utilizes the third person perspective. Here’s a simple breakdown:

o Third person – If you are writing a short story writing or otherwise, you will use the third person perspective. This is the best way to get better at creative writing. You are writing about someone else, and not about you. This allows you to be more honest about your characters and the situation they find themselves in. Visit now to know more.

o Third person – If you are writing a creative writing piece, and it is going to have a strong third person voice, it is imperative to note that. This makes the narrator feel more like an actual person and gives the reader something to identify with, as well as to relate to. This will make the reader want to read the rest of the piece.

o First person – If your piece is going to have a strong first-person narration, it is very likely you will use the first person. In creative writing, you need to give your readers the ability to become emotionally attached to your main character, and attach themselves to that person. When they see the pains your main character is experiencing, they will connect themselves to the pain, and the situation moreso than the third person narrator. This can also apply to the narrator when he/she describes the scenery, sounds, and emotions. It is very easy to lose yourself in your creative writing when you’re using the first person.

o Emotional development – The most important thing to look out for when developing a character development, whether it be a character in a creative writing piece, a short story, or otherwise. There should be an underlying theme that the writer is using to develop the character. For example, if you’re writing about twins, you will need to come up with an underlying theme. Will the theme be love and loss? Or will the theme be loneliness? The theme should relate to the character development, as well as the other characters in the piece.

o A plot. You should not develop a plot, unless you’re writing a short story. The development of a plot occurs later, when the reader experiences the piece and sees how the plot develops. In short stories, the plot development occurs earlier in the creative writing process, and the reader does not experience it as the development occurs.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes that many writers make when beginning to write a creative writing piece. Of course, it is possible to avoid these mistakes and write without them all together. All writers have their own methods and style. However, the tips given above are a great starting point for writers to follow. Knowing the rules to avoid when writing in the first person, will allow you to create a more personal and one-of-a-kind piece of writing that people will truly enjoy.


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