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Students pursuing master’s degrees in business administration will choose from three kinds of degrees: BBA, master of science in business administration, or bachelor of business administration. BBA programs usually specialize in accounting, economics, and business administration. A master of business administration degree can further be dedicated to specialization, such as human resources, operations, marketing, or entrepreneurship. A bachelor of business administration is a general degree that can be useful for a variety of positions.

The median salary for business administration majors is more than $40k per year. The highest paying business degrees are accounting, MBA, and finance. Accounting is the highest paying degree by far, but it’s also the most difficult degree to get into. An associate’s degree in accountancy is the first step to getting into a good job in accounting. Finance is slightly harder to get into, but it’s not difficult to get an MBA or a bachelor of business administration.

Some business administration degrees require less coursework than others. Most associate degrees require a similar level of general college coursework, including biology, chemistry, math, and sociology. Some classes will also include upper level business courses like economics. There are many business administration degrees that don’t require all of the coursework typically required by an associate’s degree. For example, many associate degrees don’t require a course on international relations.

Coursework required for the degree often varies depending on the concentration of the business administration degree. Some degrees focus more on business operations, management, accounting, economics, and human resources. Other concentrations are more specific such as human resources with an accounting emphasis or finance with an accounting emphasis. These courses are very closely related, but they have different concentrations and take slightly different approaches to the coursework.

If you’re planning on getting a bachelor’s degree in business administration, there are a number of options available to you. The typical route for an individual with a business administration degree is to get an MBA or a Master of Business Administration from an accredited business school. These programs are usually four years, though some are three years or longer. You’ll need a full year of business administration and coursework in business administration to complete your undergraduate degree. A typical MBA program has around three to five years of coursework. You may be able to shorten this by completing extra classes or by taking a year off during your MBA program if you had family or personal responsibilities to attend to.

If you’re interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration, however, you’ll probably want to consider earning one of the top 15 business administration degrees available. These degrees are designed for people who already have at least a bachelor’s degree in another field, and who wish to go on to earn a master’s degree in business administration. This can be done through online education and specializations, depending on the school.

A full curriculum designed to prepare you for careers in business administration is extensive. The courses you take must cover public relations, advertising, business management, economics, communication skills, and other relevant courses. The best business administration colleges and universities also offer courses in international business administration, management, strategic management, risk management, and government. Many programs will also require you to take coursework in legal practices, government, and the business world in general. These courses will vary by program, some requiring very focused, specialized courses, others offering a wider range of general business courses.

There are a variety of degree programs from which to choose, so it’s important to do your research before applying for a BBA or MBA. If you’re currently working, getting back to college to earn your degree may not be an option, but it certainly isn’t impossible. You can earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree through an online program, and obtaining a PhD. For most career fields, a BBA is usually sufficient, although some fields such as engineering, law, medicine, and sales require a more advanced degree. An online program allows you to continue your education while working, which may be a significant advantage if you’re planning to go into academia.

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