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An Introduction to Management Major and Careers

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A management major can handle conflicts involving both employees and management. Conflicts where there is no winner or loser but only results in a new opportunity for someone else are good examples. These are the type of conflicts that a management major is often called on to handle as a member of their staff. The key skills management major needs to be successful in handling any type of conflict are interpersonal communication, negotiation skills, decision-making skills and organization skills.

There are four main concentrations of concentration for management majors at all levels of the university. Management focuses on how people interact with each other and with a larger group of people. A management major who wishes to enter this field must be willing to learn about the different models of management and various leadership theories as well as learn the practical application of these models. In order to advance in their careers, managers need to also have strong interpersonal communications skills along with being able to analyze the information that is necessary for decision-making.

Another concentration for a management major is in marketing. This involves researching products and services in markets ranging from the local area to international markets. Marketing majors are often expected to understand statistics, data analysis, economics, advertising, public relations and marketing. In addition to studying advanced business models, marketers must be prepared to communicate effectively with clients and fellow employees on a variety of career paths.

Business administration majors focus on the management aspects of running a company or an office. Students learn about policies and procedures, managerial leadership, financial management and other business aspects. Business administration majors are expected to be prepared to take on management responsibilities as they arise. As part of their degree program, business management majors should include a thorough grounding in accounting, statistics, global management, and marketing. Graduates with an associate’s degree or higher in business administration are usually well-prepared for a wide range of career options.

Human resources is another specialization within the business management major. HR specialists help people hire and train employees. Human resources graduates may find employment as corporate or labor relations specialists, hiring managers, human resources managers, recruitment counselors, labor relations specialists and training managers. HR specialists are required to be skilled in many areas of management including leadership, economics and technology. Those wishing to pursue human resources careers should also have solid communication skills and interpersonal skills.

A management major can also specialize in a field that is less related to management. These can be arts, business, computers or even education. There are many degrees that offer specialization options in the business management field. Many associate degrees and bachelor degrees require that students complete courses in business administration, human resources, marketing, operations management, entrepreneurship and other related courses. Some of these degrees even allow the option of obtaining a master’s degree, which will provide additional knowledge and preparation for higher-level management positions.

Project management is a specialization within the organizational management degree program. Project management is about planning, organizing, commanding and controlling resources to achieve a specific goal. Graduates with an organizational management degree or other management majors can find employment as managers in various nonprofit organizations, government agencies and private businesses. The skills required to perform effectively and smoothly in this type of position require students to have a background and academic background in business management, as well as the ability to work creatively and problem solve to a high level.

Students also have the opportunity to specialize in an area of specialization. Concentrations within the business management major include international business, financial services and supply chain management. International business involves studying global management practices, human resources management, strategic and tactical planning and risk management. Financial services and supply chain management involve courses such as accounting, portfolio management and financial analysis for organizations throughout the supply chain from manufacturing to sales. These courses are very related to the business school curriculum, but require additional coursework such as finance, operations and information technology.

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