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A Fresh Start for Your New Year’s Resolutions

by gbaf mag

When we talk about how to stay focused on goals there are a variety of answers available. Some people say that you should plan your activities ahead of time and write everything down. Others tell you to read and study and to try out different things each day. Other people will even tell you to meditate and move your body until you achieve a certain state of consciousness. The truth is, no matter how much planning you do, all of these techniques will only work if you take action every single day to complete them.

While goals can at times feel unimportant, without concrete goals they have no meaning. Therefore, you should always remember your goals, at least in the back of your head, so that you do not stray too far away from your course. However, while it can sometimes be a challenge to stay focused on goals throughout the month, it s far short of an impossible feat without the use of some simple guidelines. January is when most people begin to make resolutions, and as such, we have put together some advice for keeping your resolutions motivated.

Stay focused on one big goal. As easy as it is to get sidetracked by what other people may be doing or going through, setting up one big goal that you can work towards each and every day is usually the best way to ensure success. In fact, if you set your goals in January, you have a better chance of achieving them because January is typically the slower month. Allowing your personal life to run rampant in January means you will more easily fall behind and will have less time to catch up on all the things that need to get done.

Be realistic with yourself about what you expect out of yourself. Too many people try to achieve too many goals or too many resolutions at once. While this can often be effective, if you do it in too big a rush you are likely to fail. Instead, try to take it one step at a time. Make sure you are still working toward goals that will help you achieve your goals or help you grow as a person. If you are still trying to figure out how to fit in small changes into your schedule, then you are not moving at a steady enough pace.

Make sure you have a strong accountability partner. A lot of people find it difficult to stay focused because they are always thinking about what could go wrong, or what could happen that will ruin their plans. Find a friend or family member to keep you accountable to or invest in an accountability chart so that you can mark your goals as you achieve them. Having a partner or accountability partner is essential if you want to stay focused and are motivated to succeed.

Write down your goals every morning. And if you are working on more than one resolution, write them all down, too. Then, dedicate a few minutes each day to each of the resolutions. Plan short-term goals along with long-term goals for the week, month, or year and remind yourself how much you have to accomplish each day, week, or month. It is amazing how quickly some people can lose their drive when they have a list of demands on their time.

Let’s say you have some errands to run, but you want to get ready for your next week of work before you leave for your week-end trip. Do you really want to run those errands or buy that new outfit? Probably not. By dedicating some time to get ready for your next trip, you will be more productive and be better motivated to succeed at your goals for the new year. This will give you a fresh start!

Make your New Year’s resolutions an ongoing thing. Get your goals in writing and set goals for the month, week, or day that goes by. Then, spend about 15 minutes each day doing something that supports your new year’s resolutions. It is a small amount of time, but it will pay huge dividends in your energy and in your success as you move forward with your goals for the new year.


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